Monday, March 24, 2003
Dear Mr. Gaiman,
First of all, let me apologize, for this isn't really a FAQ, but I don't know of any other way to contact you.
I am a writer, first, and a soldier second. I am awaiting deployment to Iraq, and have found the anticipation of deployment an excruciating ordeal. Being a writer, I try to make the best of it, and I write. For those who believe that for the ordinary Joe, nothing sharpens the mind like a bullet past the face, I contend that simply the thought of a bullet is enough to sharpen the mind of a writer.
I do have a point. Through these past weeks, I have been reading your journal every day. I wish I could convey to you what your journal and your writing means to this particular writer during these times, but I don't feel capable right now. So I guess all I can say is thank you.
Thank you Neil for being a writer and finding the world interesting enough, and occasionally writing about it, or of worlds like it. I used to argue to my Professors that art is as much the product of the Creator as it is the Recipient's understanding of it. That a son grows beyond the control of his parent and inspires in ways his parent never intended. But I also contend that in no way does this take away the merit of the Creator and his brilliance.
And so, Neil, I want to thank you for everything...for the stories you wrote that have lived on in my own head, revised and interpreted to my liking, and making my anticipation of a probable bullet all the less daunting.
Your fan, and fellow writer and God of Infinite Worlds...

SPC Edward Chang

You're very welcome. I'm glad it helps.

And good luck. Come back safely.