Saturday, February 08, 2003
Seems a bit odd, nothing coming in on the faq line. On the other hand, I've got over 7000 FAQ things that have come in on this computer alone, and I haven't replied to all of them, or even a significant fraction... So...


I run a website that organizes monthly meetings around the world for your fans. It's pretty cool, check it out at . We already have 300 memebrs signed up and the main complaint that I get is that there aren't enough people attending. Well, I'm sure you could change that.

Doesn't it weird you out that people are meeting to talk about you and only you? Don't you want to write about it?

I thought so.

Hope you can mention us.


I don't really imagine that people are meeting up to talk about me. It never works like that. That would be like assuming that when SF fans in London get together for their monthly meet up they talk about Science Fiction, or when ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha meet in a pub they talk about Douglas Adams.

I'm happy to be an excuse for people to meet and drink a beverage of their choice at each other, though. Then they complain about the venue, go off to get something to eat, and, if they like each other, do it again.