Saturday, February 15, 2003
Not that she'll read this for a couple of days, as she's gone off with her band to Duluth, but Happy Birthday to my assistant, the Fabulous Lorraine. And it's a very special birthday this year for Lorraine is. Er, ageless. That's right. Ageless and unaffected by the passing of the years. Right. (There. Bit of a close call, but managed to avoid giving numbers, and nobody noticed. Whew.)

Lorraine's been working for me for ten years, and she does a lot more than make tea and find things that I'm sure I was holding in my hand only five minutes ago and put me onto conference calls and decide what conventions and appearances and so on I'm going to. She also organises me, and makes sure I'm pointing in the right direction. Every working writer should have a Lorraine. But not the Lorraine, as she works for me.