Wednesday, February 12, 2003
Neil - Doesn't it suck, the news that Eddie Campbell Comics is short for* this world? Wasn't "Egomania" in its brief run one of the niftiest things to come along lately? O the of it all.

*"short for": that is to say, "not long for". It is not to say, "being a shortened form of", although in numerous profound and terrible ways I suppose it could be.

Well, the news, at isn't that Eddie Campbell Comics is stopping. Just that Eddie's not going to be self-publishing the next major work he's doing, and is enjoying not working for himself for right now. (At least, that's what it says if I've read it right.) In the meantime, twenty years of Eddie Campbell work, on Alec and on Bacchus, is now pretty much all collected and in print and available, which is in itself a small cause for celebration.

I should hunt through the house for Egomania 2 -- if it came out I never saw it, which probably means it arrived while I was travelling, and got put somewhere for me to read when I got back. I loved Egomania 1.