Monday, February 10, 2003
Let's see -- first things first: don't use the FAQ submission form to send things until I post that it's working. Right now it's sort of half-fixed. Not fixed so it works, but fixed so that it looks like it works but all that's coming in on that line are empty messages with e-mail addresses attached. The content isn't arriving. As soon as it's working, I'll let you all know, honest.

Several people have congratulated me on American Gods making the final Nebula Ballot, but I can't see anything online about it.

Went in to Minneapolis today and did an interview/conversation with Michael Chabon for the Ruminator Review, then we went off to lunch, and then I drove him down to DreamHaven, where he spent too much money on books before he was taken to the airport. I spent too much money on books and drove myself home. The conversation was about genre, mostly, and the McSweeneys 10 (the subscriber's edition sounds a much cooler book than the Vintage paperback version), and the pitfalls and joys of genre, and odd things like Conan Doyle and Lovecraft. I can't wait to read the McSweeneys.

Also it was cold today. No, really cold.