Thursday, February 06, 2003
The FAQ line thingie seems to be down right now, probably as a result of changing servers. I'm sure it'll be up and working very soon.

Having spent weeks ripping hundreds and hundreds of CDs (35 gigs of CDs so far, and no end in sight), I'm puzzled to report that the only two CDs I've encountered that seemed to have some kind of serious copy protection on them were Rhino's DIY: WE'RE DESPERATE - THE LA SCENE 1976-1979 and Rhino's POPTOPIA: POWER POP CLASSICS OF THE '80s.

Which leaves me really puzzled. Is there something especially dangerous about late 70s/early 80s power pop, which means it must be prevented from falling into the wrong hands? Were there people at Rhino who didn't mind about the other DIY or Poptopia volumes but who knew that if Holly and the Italians' "Tell that Girl to Shut Up" or the demo of the Motel's "Waiting" got onto the web then the jig would somehow be up?