Friday, January 24, 2003
"We deeply regret the consequences of BRMB's listener competition "The Coolest Seats in Town". It was never our intention to place anyone in jeopardy and we sincerely apologise to the participants and their families for their injuries and distress," said Paul Davies, the operations director at Capital.

"Over the past 30 years listeners to Capital radio stations have participated in and enjoyed many high profile station events including Europe's largest open air event, Party in the Park, without consequence.

"As responsible broadcasters we take the health and welfare of our listeners extremely seriously and adhere to stringent health and safety practices as testified by our exemplary track record to date.

"We acknowledge that, in this particular incident, mistakes were made. Following our own internal investigation we have worked alongside the health and safety executive and all the other relevant authorities, to put all the necessary steps in place to ensure that a situation like this cannot occur again," Mr Davies added.

if you read the article you discover this literally translates into English as "Asking people to sit on blocks of dry ice was an incredibly stupid thing to do and we won't do it again."

I wonder if the Plain English society still exists.


In Angouleme. Just did a presentation with Art Spiegelman, and he also showed me the dummy book for Little Lit #3 -- it looks an amazing book. Some lovely William Joyce, a surprisingly tender Lemony Snicket story (beautifully drawn by Richard Sala), and my bosom swelled with pride at the Gahan Wilson pages that I'd written.

Signed for two hours this morning. Sign again for two hours tomorrow morning. Tonight at 7.00 is the first screening of my film, and I have absolutely no idea what people will think.Or what it looks like at 35mm.