Wednesday, January 01, 2003
Not quite the right section to mention it, because it's not really a question, but while I share your sadness at the loss of the 'Round the Horne' people (Did you read the script book? The bits they cut! No wonder it always seemed muckier than it was; it was muckier than it was) I thought I'd mention they're not all dead. Bill Pertwee is still alive.
Big fan since the late 80s when I was in the Science Fiction society at Manchester Uni and you came and talked charmingly and answered our anal Sandman questions much as you still do.
Keep on keeping on.

PS I've just had a story published called 'Still Lives', which I originally called 'Brief Lives' until I realised with terror that people would link it and its homeless characters to yours. It's in the new 'Doctor Who' short story book so I had to change it as all 'Doctor Who' fans know their Gaiman backwards as a rule.

Very pleased about Bill Pertwee not being dead...