Friday, January 03, 2003
The music going onto the iPod is starting to get slightly surreal, mostly because I've started walking around the house and finding occasional caches of forgotten CDs (it's a rambling and unlikely house, filled with crannies and nooks and other places where occasional CDs go and hibernate). And there's usually something about every second or third CD that makes me feel that it ought to go and live on the hard disk. So it's now some Pachelbel. Before him was the Lorraine Bowen Experience. Next up is Those Damn Accordions "Squeeze This!" (the one with their accordion version of "Pump it up!" on), then the Steeleye Span CD with the Cutty Wren song on it, and the Pixies at the BBC.

Er. Lorraine Bowen has a website, and you can listen to seventeen seconds of the crumble song on it. ("Everybody's good at cooking something/ and I'm good at cooking crumble/ in fact I've got one in the oven/ would you like some? " she sings, in possibly the only song about crumble in the whole world. She also has a recipe.)

A few FAQ messages coming in asking me to put something up about the Bloggies, which are at In a perfect world all the awards will be divided equally between Sam Pepys and Teresa Nielsen Hayden.