Wednesday, January 08, 2003
The bathroom reading book at present is A.A. Milne's Autobiography. It's a funny book, beautifully written -- I'm particularly enjoying the chapters on his days as a freelance humorous journalist, followed by his becoming deputy editor of Punch. He's just carved his initials into the table at the Punch offices, at which they have the Punch lunch.

I was invited to a Punch lunch, as a young journalist, and at the end of the lunch the editor showed me all the signatures and initials of the giants of humour (and Prince Charles) carved into the table-top. (An idle google just gave me a history of the Punch Lunch, and even a map of the table-top with a who's who of the initials. There is no Punch anymore, although a magazine of the same name was brought back for a few years (and it left the website I just linked to behind) and according to website the table "forms the centrepiece of the Punch Board Room on the first floor of Trevor House, the modern office block in which Punch is now based, opposite Harrods," although the last I heard the offices had closed down and the table was in storage...

Meandering sort of morning post there... anyway, to add to the A.A. Milne-ness of the morning, Bob Morales just sent me a link to this article in Fortune: - Magazine - The Curse of Pooh. It's the best summary of the Pooh vs. Disney legal case I've seen so far, and an interesting pen-portrait of some of the people involved.


This just in from my French editor -- my signings in France at the end of January:

Paris, Wednesday 1/21 :

13:00-14:30 Virgin Megastore 52 av. des Champs Elys�es 75008 Paris

19:00 Librairie Mille Pages 174 rue Fontenay 93400 Vincennes

Angoul�me, Friday 1/24

10:30-12:30 With Dave McKean at Albin Michel BD booth

Angoul�me, Saturday 1/25
?? With Dave McKean at Delcourt booth