Thursday, December 19, 2002
On the 11th of November a young lady named Anneli in Sweden wrote me a fan letter. The address she wrote on the front of the envelope was "The author Neil Gaiman. Lives in a big house of uncertain location in Minnesota USA". On the 20th of November the United States Postal Service delivered that letter to me, care of DreamHaven Books, 912 W Lake St, Minneapolis MN 55408. And I picked it up the other night from DreamHaven when I got home from the UK.

Which means

1) The US Postal service (or, more probably, somebody working for it) is a lot smarter than I ever gave it credit for,


2) Sometimes very unlikely things happen.

And please, don't try this at home. If you have something to send, then send it to DreamHaven at the above address.


Over on eBay, one of the 2002 card prints has gone for $325. The 2001 card, with the cut American Gods story, went for $525. Now I feel guilty for not having done anything this year... maybe I'll do a late-January thing of some kind...