Sunday, December 01, 2002
Let's see...

I'm still in the UK, still making my movie. Cameras start rolling tomorrow, a little after 8.00am.

Missed Tori -- she played Minneapolis last night. I'll try to catch her later on the tour.

Talking about Minneapolis, yes, if you need something signed, you can send it to DreamHaven, if you're prepared to wait. And what with me not being in the country, there's no guarantee anything sent to DreamHaven will be signed and reach anyone by December 23rd. I should have signed more copies of DreamHaven's new book SHELF LIFE, which I did the introduction to, at World Fantasy, as they're running low on ones signed by me and all the authors (they do have some left, though, so if you want one -- and it's a very impressive line-up on authors, get it quickly). If you want something signed, and you know you need it before Xmas, your best bet (if you're in the US anyway) is to get in touch with DreamHaven directly via their website or their site and find out what they've still got that I signed the last time I was there and signed everything they put in front of me.

(And if you visit the site, take a look at Cinnamon.)