Sunday, December 29, 2002
The iPod is always hungry. The iPod needs feeding...

I was given the iPod for my birthday but didn't have a chance to play with it. Now I'm back home, I bought a back-up drive to put CDs on, and have started listening to music on the ipod when I write. The only trouble is, there are so many CDs to go on the drive, so every 20 minutes I make my apologies and dash upstairs and put another CD in, hoping that its tracks are listed in some database somewhere and I don't have to type them in. (Now copying: Iggy Pop's The Idiot.)

Hugely looking forward to the next time I head off somewhere being able to take the equivalent of several hundred CDs with, without having anything more to carry. Slowly, inch by inch I'm being dragged into the 21st Century.

Also, in a fit of grumpiness about being limited in which of my DVDs I can play on my computer when travelling, I downloaded, tried out and bought DVDIdlePro, which does a number of things, one of which is unlock Region-specific DVDs. It's not like I use the DVD player on the computer much, but if I do, I want to be able to watch my DVDs without worrying about half of them not playing. (Now copying: Al Stewart's 24 P/Carrots)