Sunday, December 15, 2002
Hi Neil,

Coraline just got a thumbs up on the TV show Hot Type:
Panelist Antanas Sileika described being on vacation and the whole cabinful of people, adults and kids, were enthralled for days as Coraline was read aloud to them. Thought you'd like to know. : )

St. Albert, Alberta

I'm thrilled.

So I'm done. Nothing to do but wait for Cinesite to output the 35 mm print of the film and submit it to the BAFTAs as a short film.

(Someone wanted to know about the length. Everyone defines "short film" differently -- Sundance, for example, define it as a film under 70 minutes long. But the BAFTA short films are 30 minutes...)

We WILL eventually be doing it as a DVD. With, bizarrely, extras, including a commentary and an interview and so on. Haven't figured out who'll be publishing, distributing etc the DVD, but we shall. And I'll post it here as soon as we do.

And I'm figuring out other places and things we can do with it before that -- someone suggested doing some screenings to benefit the CBLDF, which is a good idea indeed.