Wednesday, December 25, 2002
Dear Neil,

I wrote the original parody posted on my journal a bunch of weeks ago, and when I'd checked the Straight Dope message board and found nobody spoofing Good Omens, I posted it straight from my journal- except with a brief mention of the Silmarillion added.

The original parody- I'm Mel, who goes under the handle Cyanide Breathmint on the Straightdope forum. I posted only twice, I think, because I'd registered just to post that parody.

My fiance alerted me to you giving me props on your journal, and it's Christmas right here in Singapore. Needless to say, I'm quite squealy now, and a little red around the ears.

I'm very glad you liked it, and just as a tangential note, I have you to blame for my macabre obsession with horror, since I read "Snow, Glass, Apples". I can never think of fairy tales the same way again.

... Which is probably a good thing, I suppose.

Merry Christmas.


And a Merry Christmas to all our readers.