Monday, December 23, 2002
And an FAQ message came in to let me know I've made it into The Love Quotes Encyclopedia: Love Quotes from Famous Authors, Love Poems, Love Songs Lyrics, Movies, and Books at #84, with a quote from Sandman: The Kindly Ones.

I'm currently writing the end of chapter 3 of 1602, and the new Shadow/American Gods Novella for Robert Silverberg's next LEGENDS anthology. It's an odd tale, the sort of thing where you head off, as a writer, into the dark and trust blindly that you won't fall off a cliff before the end of the story, and that the motivations of some of these characters may become clear. The weirdest bit is that, given the location, I was starting to think I might call it "Cape Wrath", after the jut-and-lighthouse on the northern Scottish coast near where the story is set. Idly googled it last night and discovered that, several months ago, Paul Finch had published a novella called Cape Wrath, set in the area, and with a couple of the ingredients in my story. (Here's a review.) I'm used to people coming up to me sadly and saying "You took my book idea/title", so I don't actually mind -- it seems fair that it should happen to me in return once in a while. I'm just pleased I discovered it before it could have been embarrassing. (I remember the weirdness of Terry Pratchett and I both writing a story called "Troll Bridge" at what must have been the same time. Very different stories, but still. Odd.)

Anyway. Back to work.