Wednesday, November 27, 2002
So before I go to bed.... met my film editor and sound man today.

There's a wonderful team of people making this thing, many of whom are working for sandwiches. Well, more or less.

Tomorrow morning it's down to Cinesite to see what the all the different test video camera footage we shot looks like when blown up to 35mm -- I'm most interested in the little DV camera on nightvision setting. (Some of the film is being shot on 16mm, some of it's on video, as is appropriate for a documentary. And the final bit... well, we'll figure that out tomorrow.)

We start shooting on Monday.

(Happy Thanksgiving to the Americans.)

Got the information to write my dedication to The Wolves in the Walls today. ("Hi. Yes, it's me. What's her favourite food? Really? And it has to be bolognese? No meatballs. Got it.... Oh, that's cool. No, it's really cool. Do I have to guess? Er, okay Julia Roberts. Hah. I knew it. Spaghetti Bolognese then. You too.")