Tuesday, November 05, 2002
Neil, I was the one who asked the McKean film question (kinda reposted below) and I was wondering if the answer was going to magically reappear on the journal at some point or if I should pester you on a n infrequent basis until you sullenly retype your earlier reply (all the while moaning about how it's lost it's magic now that it's not a spontaneous response).

Here's the original to remind you :

(and thanks)

I just wanted to say I loved the Indian short story he did.

And to ask what he thought of the Dave McKean film that was made last year
that I just saw at the Raindance Film Festival. And if he knows of any way
of getting in touch with Mr McKean to persuade him to produce a video of the
film so that I can go to sleep with it at night (or at least show it to my

Mea culpa. Dave said that a DVD containing THE WEEK BEFORE, NEON and some of his other short films should come out next year sometime, when he gets just a little spare time to do it in.

do you have any clue as to future publishing plans for Mr. Moore's VOICE OF THE FIRE, as I cannot find a single copy of it, anywhere (not even Powell's)? I would like a copy. Oh. Yes.

It was stealth-published by Gollancz some years ago in the UK. It'l be published next year in the US by TOP SHELF. I've said I'll write the introduction.