Friday, November 22, 2002
Let's see... did the tech recces today. All the locations are terrific. Jess, my assistant director, spent much of the day confirming all the unpaid extras for the gallery sequence. ("Look smartish. Do not wear red.")

It was strange being back in the Midlands Hotel at St. Pancras -- we filmed on the roof, the stairs, and the attic there for Neverwhere in 1996. Now we're filming in the sub-basement.

Monday is rehearsals, costume fittings, and some test footage on different kinds of camera. Need to work on the LEGENDS novella this weekend.

On antibiotics for middle-ear infection. It rained today. Tonight I do laundry.

That's about it for excitement today, other than noticing in the mirror that I actually now have a beard. I have a theory that no-one can recognise me with a beard, which, despite no-one ever not recognising me bearded, I persist in believing, because I surprise myself each time I look in the mirror.

Here's a much more exciting than my day sort of e-mail from Scott McCloud.

Hi Neil --

As promised here's a short list of webcomics from recent weeks you
might want to check out.



Nowhere Girl - Part Two
Justine Shaw's Nowhere Girl just updated a few days ago with 30 new
pages. This is a great coming-of-age/coming-out story. Shaw's
continually improving as an artist and storyteller and her colors are


Derek Kirk's "Same Difference" is a 13 part -- and growing -- graphic
novel on the web. While it could work as well in print as online,
watching the story develop online has been a mesmerizing experience
due to Kirk's use of tension and mystery in everyday events. His art
and storytelling are improving steadily with every page.

Jenn Manley Lee is an old friend, so I can't pretend that I'm
objective, but Hell, just look at the thing. Be sure to click
on "pre-ramble" to get the first part.

The E-Sheep Index
Okay, okay, whales and
not your cup of tea, but I'm not giving up yet.
Farley's stories are long, and rarely go where you think they're
going to go at the beginning. The latest ongoing
is a great take on the dotcom meltdown -- something Farley
saw first hand, living in the bay area.


Brain Slide and Doodleflak.
Daniel Merlin Goodbrey "Brain Slide" came out just a few weeks ago
("Doodleflak" was in April). Both point to some fascinating
possibilities for rethinking comics' spatial underpinnings.


I can't recommend this one strongly enough. Tom Hart has a great eye
for great cartoonists and he got 25 of them onboard for Serializer.
Some are from the alternative/SPX side of the fence like Nick
Bertozzi, Ben Catmull or Tom; some are web-only like Demian 5
(remember When I Am King"?) or
Jason Turner; some are totally out of left field like mini-comics
great Matt Feazell. You can read the new ones for free each day, but
it's really worth subscribing for three bucks a month to get access
to the already big archives.


Morning Blue
A silent story by Jason Turner. Short and sweet and really cool. His
"True Loves" at Serializer with co-writer Manien Bothma is a real gem

Tons more on my links page,
obviously, but those are some of the more recent.

Best Wishes,