Sunday, November 03, 2002
I can't imagine this is a frequently ask question, but if everyone thought that then decided not to ask, no question would be frequently ask, right? So, I'm asking. Is there a distribution company/warehouse that can sell your stuff (I'm thinking particularly Two Plays for Voices, but anything and everything would be nice) to my local comic book shop at "retailer (discounted) prices" (i.e. allowing them their mark up when they sell to me) or am I just supposed to buy your stuff from Dreamhaven and other traditional book retailers? I'd love to point my shop to some sources of your non-comic stuff so they can get stuff in and I can support them. Seems if it doesn't show up in Diamond, they don't (can't?) order it.

Thanks, Neil.


Good question. I know that Diamond sells all the Harper Collins books, including Coraline and American Gods into comics shops. I don't know if they sell the audio books -- DreamHaven used to try to get Diamond to sell the double CD "Warning:Contains Language" and Diamond never quite seemed able to make it happen. But I'll post this and hope that someone will enlighten me as to what Diamond sells and the correct codes for your retailer.

Dreamhaven lists a new anthology, Keep Out The Night, which has a story by you, 'Feeders and eaters.' Is it reprinting your story from the Revolver Horror Special, or is this a new text story?

Sort of both. The premise of Keep Out the Night is old, forgotten, but perhaps beloved stories, or rather, ones the author wishes weren't forgotten. I took a comics story I wrote some years ago that I was never quite satisfied with, and wrote it as a collaboration with myself 12 years ago, as prose. I have no idea if it's any good, or anything more than a curiosity. If I like it by the time I do the next short fiction collection, I'll put it in there. Otherwise it will never be seen again...