Friday, October 18, 2002
Whatever happened to the wonderful painting that you found in your basement by Zulli(?) of Sandman that you thought might make a nice poster?

DC brought it out as a poster.Here's a picture of it from the DreamHaven site. Your local comic shop should have it for sale, and if they don't, Dreamhaven do.


Had dinner with Michael Chabon tonight, after his signing. Talking about doing a signing for the McSweeneys Michael edited with my story in it (and Steve King's, and Harlan Ellison's, and Kelly Link's, and Elmore Leonard's and Sherman Alexie's and Glen David Gold's and Nick Hornby's....). It'd be a signing to remember if it happens. (If you subscribe to McSweeney's you get it months before it turns up in the book shops.) Talked about lots of other things too (I think we could have talked for several weeks). I think I've persuaded him that he'll like Robert Aickman.

We tried to follow directions from the bookstore to his hotel, and slowly discovered that you couldn't get there from here. Well, not with me driving and Michael navigating you couldn't, as slowly the streets took on an ever more Escheresque quality. We could see where we going; we just couldn't get there. Finally we pulled off the main road, and called my assistant Lorraine, who sighed and got us there in what seemed like seconds.