Thursday, October 03, 2002
There's a law office sweep for when the jury will come back, and the lawyer who bet 3.00pm has already lost his dollar. One goes into a sort of Zen-stressed waiting state. There's nothing more anyone can do. So you wait.

To kill some minutes I called my L.A. agent, who told me some amazing wonderful absolutely cool news, which I probably can't post here until I get an official confirmation that I can. And I discovered it's possible to be at the same time deliriously happy and in a Zen-stressed waiting state at the same time. How very, very odd.

Also got faxed some of the Milo Manara pages from "Endless Nights". He's doing the Desire story. It's beautiful -- just as I imagined it. Classic Manara (remember, this is the artist who drew Fellini's JOURNEY TO TULUUM (I've probably got the title wrong) and Hugo Pratt's INDIAN SUMMER -- his Desire work is like that, beautiful historical work with gorgeous people and really erotic undertones, rather than explicitly sexual comics).

Lots of requests for interviews about the trial, which I'm saying no to. Win, lose, or win some counts and lose others, I think my position's going to be the same on that. As I explained to one journalist, it's not wrestling.