Tuesday, October 01, 2002
Lots of people asking about the court case I'm not writing about here. If you go to PULSE or to you can get lots of background, opinions, and on the pulse site, a report from someone who popped in for an hour or so to watch. (If you're in Madison, we're in the big blue courthouse in room 306. It's fascinating to watch.) is the Comics Buyers Guide electronic newsletter, and Maggie Thompson from the CBG was in court yesterday and today and is posting daily reports. Today she brought with her artist Pete Poplaski, who's been doing full colour court-room sketches for the CBG.

"You got that Dennis Potter thing going on," said Pete to me, during a recess, as I looked at some of the sketches he'd done.

I tried to figure out what he meant -- was my skin peeling off, like Potter and his character from The Singing Detective? Did I remind him of Dennis Potter dying of cancer, chainsmoking and swigging from the morphine bottle, in that final heartbreaking, triumphant Melvin Bragg interview?

"Dennis Potter?"

"Yeah.... no. The other one. The kid who does magic."

"Harry Potter?"

"That's the guy."

And of course, dressed for court, with a sweater and a shirt and black tie, I look like I did at school. Just a bit older. And more bespectacled.

Hello, I am trying to find information about the artist who did the dust cover for American Gods. It is a great piece of art, and I would love to have a replica or a print-can anyone help? Thanks.

If you search the blogger far enough back you'll find a link to the photographer's site, with the original photo on it. Wish I could be more helpful.

FYI and a laugh: Bookmunch (slogan: "Review me Hard!") did a favorable (of course) review of Coraline, the best part of which says "Coraline is the dark meat and gravy!" You can check it out at <>.


Hi Neil,

The Newsarama website has an article about the Comics Documentary ("Sex, Lies, and Superheroes") for which you're interviewed in New York back in June I thought it might interest you and your journal's readers.

Here's the link for it:
Thanks for all the stories!


and a photo of me as well, with, in the background, two of the beautiful women who worked, as set decoration, much harder than I did.

Hey Neil,
When it comes to unfamiliar authors, I usually follow your recommendations ("If On A Winter's Night A Traveler..." is on of my all time favorite books!) but I've searched like crazy for CLIMBERS by M. John Harrison, to no avail...even checked used bookstores around town (I live in New York City).
You....uh...wouldn't happen to have a copy lying around, would you?

Thanks brother...

David Tedeschi in NY

Look on, where they have four copies, ranging from around $3 to around $50.

And finally

what is project 1602 for marvel?

Ah, I got e-mailed a bunch of chapter 1602 pencil pages from Andy Kubert today, along with some amazing fully finished Chapter 1 colour pages from Richard, the colourist, who's turned them into something really cool. Put a big, silly grin on my face. I thought it was a good idea, and everything about it is really working. Which leaves me praying I don't screw it up somewhere further down the line. What is it? Well so far, it's really really fun. (Yes, says everybody, but...)

I'm not telling anyone anything about it till we're closer to publication. I'm hoping Marvel will let us get a long way through it before they start to publish, so no-one ever has to wait three or four months for the final episodes, and the last thing I want is people talking it to death and getting sick of it six months before it comes out.