Monday, October 14, 2002
Home again...

This morning I finished the story for art speigelman and Francoise Mouly's LITTLE LIT volume 3, to be drawn by the wonderful Gahan Wilson. It's a fun little story about some kids having a party in a graveyard.

Lots of organising for the small film happening. (It has a working title of A SHORT FILM ABOUT JOHN BOLTON.) Will post more info as I get it.

Poster arrived of the Li'l Endless statue set - I shall try and post it here to see if I remember how...

Lots of questions coming in that really have been answered before on the big FAQ blog or somewhere in the journal. If you have a question, it's a very good idea to do a site search of and see if it's been answered somewhere...

Hi neil.
I sended a mail some time ago. IM spanish and i think it wasnt what i tried to say. Sometimes i think in spanish and have probelms translating. Ill try it once more.
Ill just ask u the plain questions now.
1) Do you know the ending of the stories you write before placing the first word of it? I once heard that you must know the ending because a story is travel between point A and point B. i know that this is arguable but i kinda agree it. What do u think?
2) Do you get scared while writting, when you are writting those thing that have to do so much with you that may even painful to write them that no one will understand you?
3) Could u recommend me a list of books about Norse mythology? Here in Spain that mythology is very far and i cant find anything. (Its kinda like when i tried to find Beowulf, it hasnt been printed here!) Also, a good book about characters of mythology in general would be great.
3) Any book a storyteller apprentice should read.

A spanish fan.

PD You wont be comin for something to the beutiful Spain? I suppose you only attend places where english is spoken.

1) Some stories I know the end of before I start them. Some I just know how they begin. Some I know how they middle, and some I just have one image from somewhere in the story. Each story is different.

2) Sometimes, yes. When you're writing well, you're sometimes walking naked.

3) Check the Norse section of (And yes, I really will go in and finish it off one day. Honest.) As to what's available in Spanish... I don't know.

I've not been to Spain for about five or six years now -- the last trip was to the convention at Gijon. I'll be coming back this April, movie permitting. Yes, I go and sign books in places where they don't speak English. (Last year I went to Italy, Argentina and Brazil. The year before that to Finland, Norway and Sweden.)