Sunday, October 06, 2002
Dear Mr. Gaiman -
I know everyone starts off these questions with the words "i know ________ but . . .", but, i have this question that I feel needs answering. Is it at all possible to get copies of your books printed in LARGE PRINT? that would be incredibly cool for those of us who are visually challenged (i.e. too blind to read the little little print of your books). In any case, if you have the inside info on the large print issue, please please let us know! Give magnifying glasses everywhere a break!
thanks sir,
probably not your biggest but damn well in the top 40 - fan,
-Angels Never Die

There's a large print edition of Stardust -- this is the UK edition published by Ulverscroft, while this is the US edition from Thorndike.

Not sure why none of the other books have been done in Large Print editions -- possibly your best bet might be to ask Ulverscroft or Thorndike (depending on where you are) to do Neverwhere or Smoke And Mirrors.

Other alternatives might be to buy one of the electronic versions of the books -- you can change the font size on a PC screen, a Palm screen, or Gemstar reader -- or to buy, or get from the library, audio books: American Gods, Coraline and "Two Plays For Voices" are out in audio form, as are the stories read by me in "WARNING: CONTAINS LANGUAGE". (Neverwhere's available too -- beautifully read by Gary Bakewell, with Music by Brian Eno, but it's an abridgement, and three-quarters of the way through it becomes a very strange abridgement as huge chunks of plot simply vanish into the ether.)