Wednesday, October 09, 2002
Dear Mr Gaiman,

I am a French student in Paris, France (!). I am currently preparing a Master Degree of Professional Translation of Literature. Basicaly, I would like to have your kind permission to use your novel Coraline, which I like, as part of the "course work" this year, therefore, this is a non-profit project. Do you know if a French translation of Coraline is already scheduled for the French readers? Do I need to contact you Literary Agent, whose address is mentionned further down? Many thanks for your help,

Best regards,

St�phane JOUFFROY.

I can't see it would be a problem for you to translate Coraline for coursework. Have fun with it. The French rights to Coraline have been bought by Albin, with H�l�ne Collon as translator, and I think it will be published in late January -- I'll be out for the Angouleme festival, and will do signings and interviews and what-have-you in Paris the week before. (Any French journalists who want interviews should talk to Albin, or to Diable Vauvert who publish American Gods etc.)