Thursday, October 24, 2002
An article from the The Globe and Mail on boys and their toys, and now I'm trying to remember which pen I showed Christopher on the American Gods tour....

Lots of Q's being FA'd on what I think of fanfiction -- which I answered here back in April. April the 8th 2002. I found out by searching the site (clicking SEARCH over on the top left) and entering "fanfiction". GMZoe, moderator of the forums and all-around helpful person is I believe doing some kind of index to all the stuff on this site that people actually want to know. In the meantime, it's always a good idea if you think you're asking something I might have been asked before to go and have a look around before answering. Try searching for key words. Look at the FAQ page, look at the FAQ blog (which is much longer) and look at the journal...

Dreamworks have produced a film entitled Paradise Falls that tells the tale of a fallen angel having to solve the murder of another angel in order to save paradise from desrtuction. The film was (apparently) completed in 1999 but never released. The plot shares similarities with your own Murder Mysteries, so I was wondering if perhaps the reason for the film never coming out was due to some legal altercations between yourself and Dreamworks.

Someone sent me a script of this a few years ago -- it certainly looked as if it had been written by someone who had also read "Murder Mysteries", but who knows? Anyway, I never heard anything more about it actually being made. My friend Mark Romanek was attached to direct it briefly, I think.

A good way of finding out if something exists or not is to check the international movie data base at (there are a few unreliable things on there -- I just looked at my entry and it lists me as the writer of the English version of AVALON, which I'm not, and it lists a 1997 film version of Signal to Noise directed by a "Boris Le Bouffe" that never actually existed). It lists 3 things called Paradise Falls, and none of them are set in Heaven.