Saturday, September 28, 2002
Speaking as someone else who thinks this stuff is interesting, let me suggest that you at least keep notes, in the event that you're allowed to screed eventually (is that a real verb?).
On a completely unrelated note, could you please not use *quite* such a long word to reset your margins next time? For the last several days, your blog hasn't fit on my screen, leading to annoying horizontal scrolling...

I made it four characters shorter. Does that help?

Hi Neil,

Are you aware at all of where "Two plays for voices" is currently being sold in the UK ? I've had it on order (pre-order actually) from Amazon who are still struggling to provide it. Last time I spoke with them they are now trying to order from the US.

Any other places i've spoken to have said pretty much the same about having to order in from abroad.


That's because it doesn't yet have a UK publisher. So have always sold it in as something they have to order from the US. (They list it as Usually despatched in 1-2 weeks over at On the other hand, they have sellers who list it as immediately available (click on the New or Used buttons). And I'm sure there are other places in the UK who should have some in by now -- check with your local comic shop or Forbidden Planet or equivalent.

But it's only just out in the US so some of the delay may be simply bringing copies over to the UK.

Dear Neil,
I loved the old versions of fairy tales in some of the Sandman stories and I wondered if you know where I could find any original versions of Rapunzzel because that one has always puzzled me (why did the prince bring bits of silk instead of a ready made rope ladder? Why did Rapunzel ask the witch why she was heavier than the prince?). I would be very grateful if you could enlighten me.
Yours, Hannah Burton.

She asked the Witch why she was heavier than the prince in the second or third version of Grimm's fairy tales, because in the original she asked the witch why her stomach had swelled so enormously and she couldn't do up her dress, and the witch realised Rapunzel was pregnant. (And that would Never Do.)

Anyway, the journal entry for Wednesday, November 07, 2001 contains the answers you need. (I searched the site for Fairy tales, and it was suggestion number 3). In short, you want the Zipes Complete Grimm's, or the Opie's Classic Fairy Tales....

I've been wondering, and wondering some more since the answer has not been addressed in any of the places that I've looked on this site: if it's not a personal question, where do you find inspiration for your stories? Do they just come to you, or do you research them? I've read your stories for years and I'm always amazed at such turns they come from.

There's an essay in the exclusive material setion of the site called something like "Where do you get your ideas?" which should help, I hope.