Sunday, September 29, 2002
On Mike Harrison's "Light" - he has a website at, and a discussion forum on the book and many other things at
Would you consider putting up links to the above - it would be nice if this book gets his work the attention that it deserves. He's been a writer's writer's writer for much too long.

Anything to oblige. I've been a fan of Mike Harrison's since before I knew that M. John Harrison was really a Mike. I used to buy copies of his novel CLIMBERS and give them to people I liked (something I also used to do with Geoff Ryman's WAS...) until you couldn't find them any more. To be honest I think that LIGHT will get him all the attention he needs. It's way out beyond astonishing. Lots of over-the-top blurbs from authors that turn out to be understatements when you get to the end.

(And Jen from Cleveland, the book you are looking for is Gene Wolfe's PEACE.)