Monday, September 23, 2002
Dear Neil-
Last week in your journal you posted the following:
>"I've got a book on the kitchen bookshelf called something like Too Many
>Peppers, Tomatoes, Beans and Eggplants, which is a good thing as,
>bizarrely, there are too many peppers, tomatoes, zucchini (er, baby
>marrows in English) and eggplants in the garden."
Well, as I seem to have the same problems in my tiny 10x10 garden, I was
thrilled to hear this book existed, but could find no info on it online.
Then I reread your comment and you said it was called "something *like*" -
any chance of you posting the full title of the book and the author? The
bag of soon-to-be rotting jalapenos and tomatoes on my counter will thank
you, as will I.
Mur Lafferty

Sure. It's Too Many Tomatoes, Squash, Beans, and Other Good Things: A Cookbook for When Your Garden Explodes by Lois M. Landau, Laura G. Myers.

And the following came in from Authors on the Web to our Webmaster, Julia:

All fixes with the server were completed by 4PM on Friday.. The problem was
traced to a hacker who had managed to get into the mail client on our server.
(This is not the one used by us, or any of the authors for their email, but
rather the one that is proprietary to the server only and for things like
FDMs.)This individual managed to disarm our usage of the mail client on the
server (which explains the problem we had with the FDM, Julia) and took it
over. When they were sending mass mailings, we ran slowly, which is why
things were so erratic last week and why the problem was so very hard to

Since we completed the block on them last week (which we all feel extremely
confident about) there have been NO problems at all.

Which Julia says means the FAQ line should be working by the end of the week.