Sunday, September 22, 2002
It occurred to me that if I posted this here I could probably make her jump up and down and go "Eeee!" some more. So...

Just so you know, the review of Coraline at is by a sixteen-year-old (me, to be specific). And when I first saw the link to the new issue of Bookslut on the blog, I bounced up and down and went "Eeeee!" because I am nothing if not a geeky fangirl. I actually went around all day going "Neil Gaiman saw something I wrote!" to myself and everyone else. So thanks for making quite a large number of my days.


You're welcome.

And here's one that I had no immediate answer for...

Dear Neil;
This is a bit of a silly one, but so what?
"If the terms are, respectively, Homeric, Aristophanic, Dickensian,
Orwellian, etc, then what's your adjective?"
Gaimanic? Gaimanian? Gaiman-esque? It's been puzzling me, and my talk on the
rise of comic books as a 'respectable' narrative art form depends on it!

So I did a quick google. You'll be delighted to hear that "Gaimanesque" scored 35, "Gaimanic" none, "Gaimanian" 1. There were about a dozen examples of "Gaiman-like", one of "the kind of thing that Neil Gaiman could do" and, bizarrely, no examples at all of "as bad as Neil Gaiman".