Wednesday, September 04, 2002
I'm home again.

I nervously checked the Hugo, wrapped in newspaper and bubble wrap, because it was pointed out to me that the security people at the airport would either think it was a rocket launcher or a potentially offensive weapon.

Finished typing up the story for Michael Chabon's guest-edited McSweeneys on the way back. It's called "Closing Time" and it's partly a story that I'd had in the back of my head as being the next book in the Violent Cases/Mr Punch sequence of unreliable autobiographies for the last fifteen years. And partly it's a reaction to seeing some surprising awnings over some windows in Hanway Place two weeks ago.

(Michael's issue 10 of McSweeney's will, I suspect, be amazing. He has an astonishing line-up of writers, and the book is going to raise funds for 826 Valencia.)

For those of you in the Minneapolis Area who want to know what a Hugo looks like (as I did, growing up), I promised Greg Ketter at DreamHaven that he can display the AMERICAN GODS Hugo in the shop. It might be fun to round up all the awards for him, so he can put up a display of the Hugo, the Stoker Award, the SFX and the Locus Award as well. DreamHaven have got their commercial site up at and it's doing well. I just need a day of time I don't have to find them fun things to put on the site. In the meantime they are happy to take suggestions and input from anyone about the site, and they're also happy to take orders, which is what the site is there for.