Tuesday, September 24, 2002
Greg Feeley explains in his review of Coraline in Science Fiction & Fantasy ( that his eight year old daughter read and enjoyed one book, and he read and enjoyed another.

It's fascinating to compare it to the John Clute review at SF Weekly ( -- the previous link I had is dead), and to the Gary Wolfe Locus review (not, alas, on line). Three critics with points of view.

I said in this journal back when the Wolfe review came out, that,

Wolfe at his best, like Clute at his best, makes you want to reread the books they talk about, even some of the ones they find wanting, because you've learned a whole new way of reading the text: good critical writing is like being handed a key you can use to open a story with.

-- and it's strange and eye-opening to see three such very different keys to the same text.