Thursday, September 12, 2002
The biography of Douglas Adams I did the narration for, Life, the Universe and Douglas Adams (2002) (V), is now available commercially. I thought they did a terrific job of saying who Douglas was -- it's really funny, I learned things I didn't know, and Rick let me noodle with my narration to make it sound like me (and, sometimes, to get the facts exactly right).

According to e-mail in from Rick Mueller, who wrote and directed it,

The film can be purchased by going to; and following
the link.

There is a nice review at;

People can also see reviews by regular folks that have bought and reviewed
the film at;

Anyone who would like to post their own review once they've seen the film
could do so at:

You can post Joel's email for anyone who has questions.

Sorry about the delay in getting back to you, but I'm about to become a
father for the first time any day now and things are a bit hectic around


Ps. I'll be buying my son two goldfish to avoid any unpleasant trading
incidents as he get older.