Thursday, August 15, 2002
This question is coming from a person who has very limited contact with the fantasy "world". You mentioned in an earlier journal entry that the World Fantasy Convention will be held in Minneapolis this fall. Although, I haven't been into the fantasy "thing" except for your work, I am very interested in learning more. I do not want to become a member for $100+ though just to check out a convention once. Am I understanding The World Fantasy COnvention's website correctly that I would have to do so in order to attend?

Thank you,


Actually, if I read things right over at Registration: WFC 2002 it's $150 for membership. And I don't know if they do "day memberships" for people to wander around, but I suspect they don't. It's deliberately set that high to keep World Fantasy small (membership is also limited -- either to 750 or to 1000), and, for the most part, professional -- there are more publishers, authors, editors, artists, reviewers and such at a World Fantasy Con than there are "fans" (although many of the authors are also fans), and the people who run the convention try and keep it that way. No costumes, either.

There are many other cons smaller, cheaper, larger, cheaper, in the Minneapolis area and around the world. But World Fantasy is indeed expensive, and very much what it is.