Tuesday, August 13, 2002
There. Five hours of interviewing over and done.

The strangest and the most surreal was the very first at 6.00 am -- Phil Paleologos, broadcasting from a Diner in Bedford Ma -- partly because he decided to make it an American Gods interview, and partly because he kept cutting out and I'd lose syllables. Which was fine when he'd say "So, what kind of a book is Gods?" but a lot harder when he'd say "So how do you regard ... ?"

The rest of the interviews were all about Coraline. They varied from a few people who'd read the book and loved it, to people who'd read the press release and loved it, to a couple of people who had my name and the word Coraline written on their prompt pads and winged it from there. ("So, Neil, what is Coraline? Some kind of Fancy Dessert Mix?" "No Jack, it's a book." "A book. My word. So for any of our readers who are unfamiliar, can you tell them what a book might happen to be?")

Seventeen interviews. Gosh. And yes, I repeated myself.