Sunday, August 04, 2002
It's almost magical. Yesterday I point people at a Land of Green Ginger review over at ACHUKA - Children's Books UK and today I learn that they've made Coraline their featured book. And more excitingly, they've made us -- here, this place -- their website of the week. (Which is rather wonderful, as I don't think we've ever been anyone's website of the week before. And we've been doing this for weeks and weeks and weeks. I mean, about 80 weeks by now, I wouldn't be surprised. So this is our week. Right now.)

Just got e-mail telling me that AMERICAN GODS is shortlisted for a British Fantasy Award. Seeing the first ever convention I went to was the 1983 British Fantasy Convention, at which the awards were given out, and I was faintly awed, I still feel that there's something frighteningly, well, grown-up about being nominated for a British Fantasy Award.

Which then reminded me that I hadn't posted anything really here about Mark Chadbourn's terrific novella The Fairy Feller's Master Stroke, for which I did a long introduction that talks more about Richard Dadd and his famous painting than it does about Mark's novella (mostly because the novella speaks for itself). I expect that DreamHaven may be ordering copies, but if anyone is set on getting one they should probably go over to the publisher's web site and see about ordering directly. (Publisher Pete Crowther has done a print run of 300 hardbacks and 500 paperbacks.)

Pete's line of books looks amazing. A new Moorcock Jerry Cornelius novella introduced by Alan Moore. A new Geoff Ryman novella introduced by Gwyneth Jones. A (probably) cursed Ramsey Campbell title.... Yum.


Peter Straub liked his short story. Which I need to do a second draft of over the next day or so, and will then go to be typeset (no messing around here). It is currently called "October in the Chair". It'll be appearing inConjunctions #39, "The New Wave Fabulists". I didn't know I was a new wave fabulist, but given the line-up, I shall wear my new wave fabulist label with pride.


I'm down to the last -- and the shortest -- of the Endless Nights stories: Destiny, for Moebius. Which I'll start the moment I finish the script I'm on. Type. Type. Type.