Wednesday, August 21, 2002
In basement library of London hotel -- all's going well.

The FOYLES event tomorrow has already sold over 400 tickets, so if you're coming DON'T expect to have a huge stack of stuff signed. The Forbidden planet signing at 1.00 pm may be a better bet for lots of things. (On the good side, the Congress Centre in Great Russell St will stay open as late as it needs to.)

Coraline is the Guardian's Childrens and teen's book of the month -- really interesting review. Neil Gaiman's novel is deliciously shivery in a way I would previously have thought unsuitable for children. It goes into the subconscious feelings that children harbour for their parents, taking the reader beyond fear to show that it is possible to survive the worst things imaginable. It will give a few children nightmares, but the majority will see that it taps into the darker recesses of their minds to let in a light that is truly liberating.