Monday, August 26, 2002
I'm home, to a huge pile of mail, faxes, 350 copies of Coraline to sign for a library conference, piles of books and comics to read, several DVDs to watch, and family. Also enormous quantities of tomatoes in the garden, sad pumpkins (I think they missed me) and en enormous quantity of aubergines.

I've five days to try and get ten days of work done, then to California to work with Robert Zemeckis on what I hope will be the final final final draft of the Fermata script. Will stop in at the Hugo awards en route, on Sunday night, and either get a Hugo award for Best Novel or not get one, and I don't mind if I don't, so that's all right.

It looks like there will be a signing in a couple of weeks in LA at Book Soup. The plan is, I've been told, not to advertise it widely -- when I get the details I'll put them up on the journal, and Book Soup will put them up on their website, and there will be a very limited number of tickets to the reading, Q & A and signing.