Thursday, August 01, 2002
Here's the review of the Biting Dog Press edition of Snow Glass Apples . The edition they did of the "Murder Mysteries" radio play sold out so comprehensively that Biting Dog didn't have any copies to send to the World Fantasy Award judges. I hope they'll keep a few copies of Snow Glass Apples aside. The woodcuts are wonderful, and the bookmaking craft involved is astonishing.

(They "pay" me for the rights to do it in copies of the book, which I then give to friends, and everyone is very happy.)

The phone call today; CORALINE is still at #6 on the New York Times children's book list, and is in the Publisher's Weekly article on the Big New Books of the Summer. Harper are already talking about the Hallowe'en promotion and the Christmas promotion for Coraline. It's fascinating -- the world of adult publishing is a mayfly world compared to children's publishing. (Well, possibly not that mayfly -- American Gods is still on the USA Today top 150 after four months. I'm starting to feel like Pink Floyd, only not as loud and without the giant inflatable pigs.)