Thursday, August 01, 2002
Dear Neil,

My recollection is that you recommended Jemiah Johnson's WOUNDS fairly recently in the blog, but a word search going back eight months turns up nothing. Weirder still...Google returns one---that's right ONE---reference to her Both Amazon and B&N don't even list her books. And yet I have a copy of the book. The reason I was looking around was I didn't like it after the first quarter or so (I found the characters cliche and boring when they weren't annoying which really hurt since there's no plot either)but stuck with it on your recommend. I thought I'd check out reviews to see if it was just me (or just you!).

It's just you, I'm afraid, and someone else must have recommended it. I've never mentioned it or read it, or anything else by the author; although I suspect that one reason you're having trouble with finding her on Amazon is that her name (a hasty google reveals) is Jemiah Jefferson, not Johnson.

(And a late-breaking FAQ message explains the mystery: Jemiah Jefferson was mentioned in one of the reviews that you linked for us on the blog--sort of an "if-you-like-Neil-you'll-like..." jobbie.)