Saturday, August 03, 2002
Coraline is sort-of-out in the UK now, a few days before publication -- it's active on and people are reporting seeing it in bookshops and receiving copies. Here's a slightly nervous review from ACHUKA-Children's Books UK/Teenage Fiction.

Meanwhile, over at they are releasing books back into the wild. Honest.

And I've finished a story for Peter Straub's Conjunctions anthology, and now realise I need a title for it. The working title was Song For Ray Bradbury (after the Bowie "Song for Bob Dylan") because it was all Octobery and about being ten and playing with ghosts. But I suspect that'll just leave people puzzled, if I leave it as the title.

I hate titles when they're work. Either things turn up with titles, in which case I am happy, or I give them working titles which become the actual titles by default (Neverwhere, American Gods), or I get to the end without a real title and I walk around grumpily hoping and failing to find the title in the text. Sometimes I come up with the proper title years after the thing's been published. Heigh ho.