Sunday, August 11, 2002
Bookshelf: Children's Books in Brief is the New York Times review of Coraline. "A modern ghost story with all the creepy trimmings..." it begins. (Well ... up to a point, Lord Copper.)

Maddy is off to see Kung Fu Hamlet at the Minneapolis fringe this afternoon, so I put on a video of Pedicab Driver for her, to give her context. I'm astonished at quite how much an almost-8-year old girl can enjoy an undubbed Sammo Hung movie.

She and Lorraine will be playing at the Minnesota Rennaisance Festival this year, playing their violins. They've been working up an act (which they're calling Maddy and Me).

(Took her and her friend to see Spy Kids 2 last night. Which I thought was a proper movie -- it felt like Robert Rodriguez had made a list of things he wanted to put into a second Spy Kids movie and then did them, as opposed to Men In Black 2, which we saw at the drive-in last week and which felt like the producers had made a list of things they had liked in the first Men in Blackand made sure they did all of them again.)