Saturday, August 10, 2002
And as of this morning, the archives link to this month is dead as well. So nobody can read this at all. How mysterious.

Slept until I woke today -- it's the first day in ages that there hasn't been an early morning interview (normally from the UK, although yesterday's was followed by the Boston Globe and then a short interview with Publishing News about the Coraline audiobook, and the upcoming Two Plays For Voices). My assistant, the fabulous Lorraine, told me yesterday, very proudly, that she'd managed to rearrange everything to give me a completely clear today with no interviews or anything, that I could work in. It was ages before I blinked and thought "but it's saturday". Not that I'm not pleased to have a straight day to write in, but I'll be even more pleased when promotion season is over and I can get back to making stuff up without interruption.

Over at the mousecircus , Victoria-the-Coraline-webmistress posted a bunch more FAQ replies.