Sunday, July 14, 2002
When I mentioned the news articles about children's publishing (at least in the UK) dropping, several people, including Ollie Morton, author of the terrific Mapping Mars took me gently to task, pointing out that possibly the drop was simply due to J.K. Rowling not having had a book out last year. This article in the Independent points out the bit that worried me. (And it's perfectly possible that in a year's time I'll be one of the evil GM strains he points to.)

Here's another nice Coraline review.

Spent Saturday afternoon being interviewed in a club called The Batcave in New York. I was being asked questions about Comics for a documentary about Comics, while four very nice young ladies dressed in black sat in the background as human set decoration, slowly cooking under the video lights. (They were recruited by the director from the massed ranks of the people who weren't allowed in line at the Signing on Thursday. Sigh.) The documentary comes out in October, I believe.

Am now home, and cannot tell you how happy I am to be home again.