Friday, July 05, 2002
On the phone with Michael Zulli who is telling me stuff while I am typing...

(ahem) if you wish to buy one of the SWEENEY TODD Posters. The prices are:

Unsigned -- $25.00 (this includes shipping in the US. Ask him if you're somewhere else.)
Signed -- $40 (again, US shipping included). These are the ones that sold for $100 when people had them. (They were signed by both of us, in gold, in the early 1990s). Michael needs floorspace.

He's accepting Money Orders (eg Western Union, Postal Orders, etc. NOT cheques, NOT -- yet at least -- PayPal). To order send your money orders to:

PO Box 393
Agawam MA
01001 USA

For more information, overseas rates, or to enquire about what original art, sketchbook stuff, or other rare Michael Zulli work (and publications) that you would kill for but he just regards as taking up space he has and is willing to sell, e-mail him at ZEDCORP@AOL.COM.

This was a public service message brought to you by the Campaign to Unclutter Zulli.