Wednesday, July 17, 2002
I know you hear about Tori all the time, but these lyrics to "gold
dust" were posted on the Dent forum and I was wondering if they were indee

never fear
love will come around
before dusk
(etc etc, fake lyrics snipped)


And from a different Robert

Hi Neil:
Speaking of the CBLDF, did the poster for "Instructions" that Brian
Froud created ever come about? Last year you mentioned that it might
possibly be sold through CBLDF in fall of 2001, but I haven't seen it
mentioned there, the Frouds' website, or in your journal since last spring.
Do you know anything about its status? Also, just finished Coraline in
between takes of finishing up my Master's thesis, and it is,
unquestionably, a fantastic book. And thanks for the writing--all of it!

You're welcome. Hmm... I'll ask Brian Froud the next time I speak to him. I know the poster was fully designed a year ago (and was gorgeous). I'll check and let you know.