Tuesday, July 30, 2002
I know you answered before that you won't be making an appearance at this year's San Diego Comic Con, but I just heard a rumor from a friend of a friend in the industry that you would be in San Diego that weekend doing some kind of interview for the History channel about a "History of Comics" sort of thing, and so i was just asking if you'd be making any kind of suprise appearance there?
And if not, well I'll be in San Diego anyway for the Comic Con, so would you fancy catching a bite to eat with a fan?

It's just a rumour, I'm afraid. I won't be at San Diego (or in San Diego) this year. Next year, though...

And I hear from Bloomsbury that the tickets to the Foyles event in London are starting to go fast, so if anyone's planning on going, they may want to get a ticket now. then go follow the links to event tickets to get one. (I'd give a web address but it was all pop-ups and things.)