Saturday, July 20, 2002
Hey Neil-
I actually have two questions, too. Hope you don't mind.

1) Is there any particular reason the link to your FAQ's is hidden? By that, I simply mean the lack of a link on the main page.

2) I know, in the past, you've gone to the San Diego Comic-Con, and I was wondering if you would be making a guest appearance this year as well.

Thanks for reading this, and maybe answering my questions!

Let's see. No, there's no reason the FAQ link isn't up on the main page that I know of. It was a "design decision" to move the FAQ link to the bottom of every page, which made a lot of sense but is probably rather counterintuitive. At least the site map is now up at

I'll not be at San Diego this year, no. But next year is Vertigo's tenth anniversary, and they've asked if I'll be a Guest of Honour at San Diego, and I've said yes.

Somebody wanted to know about manuscripts...

I have just finished my first book length work, and I am gearing up to send it off to the slush piles of America, and I was just wondering if you might be able to tell me what the preferred way is to bind the manuscript.

I don't really think there is one. Print out on one side of the paper only, in a readable font, double-spaced. If you want to bind it I doubt any publisher/editor/slushpile reader would mind, nor will they object at all if it's unbound. And you can't go wrong not binding it at all.

This from a very helpful someone named Matt in the UK:

RE: Foyles Event. Another one of those 'not so much a question but and answer' things...although you've probably had it from several people by now. Here is the mail that Foyles have been sending out about the event and what will take place.

"The Neil Gaiman event is on Thursday 22 August at the Congress Centre, 28 Great Russell Street. The nearest tube is Tottenham Court Road. The event starts at 7pm, although it is advisable to arrive at about 6:30pm in order to get a seat. Neil Gaiman will be reading from his new book 'Coraline', will be in conversation with another author, journalist or celebrity (to be confirmed), there will then be a question and answer session so that the audience will be able to participate, the evening will conclude at approximately 9pm with a book signing. A selection of Neil's books will be on sale on the night at a slightly reduced price."

I like that "author, journalist or celebrity" line. Well, it made me smile.

and here's one from someone who hasn't discovered what the WHERE'S NEIL section of the site does:

Neil - maybe I'm behind on the times and you've already done a signing
here, but when is the next time you're going to be doing a signing in
your adopted home of the twin cities, MN? would love to come by and get
a copy of Coraline and have you sign some other books of mine. thanks
very much!
Wendy G, St. Paul, MN, USA

I hope you check this in time: I'll be signing at DreamHaven books in Lake St. at 2.00pm on Saturday the 20th of July. Which is kind of today. So I should go to sleep now....