Thursday, July 18, 2002
Hello, my name is P�n�lope...still the same french girl again, still asking the same question again.
Are you coming to sign books in France one day... even next century i'm patient i can wait...
See you in London August 21 anyway.

Hullo again P�n�lope. The plans right now for next year include a small European tour for the various European editions of Coraline in April, and I'll almost definitely be in France for that. I've also been invited to the Angouleme festival as a Guest of Honour this January, and hope to be able to accept, and may well do another French signing if I'm in France. So I expect I'll see you in your own country in 2003.

Two questions, I'm afraid.

1) London: Foyles is now adverising your upcoming Bloomsbury event in
its window, which is nice. Any details on the content of this? Is there
any chance you'll be reading the whole thing, or will it just be a
chapter? And do you happen to know if it will be possible to buy there a
copy of Coraline with Mckean's illustrations, or your reading on CD, or
will we have to settle for What They Think People in the UK Want?

2) I see that a new, updated edition of Don't Panic! is out. I haven't
noticed you mention that, and I have read in one place that the new
chapter are written by someone else, although my casual inspection of the
book gave no hint of that. Could you confirm or deny?

Thanks for your time.

1) I don't know. I think I'm being interviewed by someone-to-be-determined, and I'm sure there will be a reading but probably only 20 minutes of one. You could ask Foyles what the format of these things normally is.

If you're in the UK and you as an individual want a copy of the American edition of Coraline, American Gods, or whatever, you should probably buy it from an online bookseller like or B& (If you want a pre-signed copy try DreamHaven.)

The editions on sale in the UK will be the Bloomsbury editions -- which means Dawn French reading the book (which is pretty damn spiffy, you must admit) and the unillustrated book. Because of rights and territories and what have you, the US edition won't be sold in shops in the UK, any more than the UK edition will be in shops in the US.

Incidentally, there are really rather nice e-cards for the UK edition of Coraline out now here at the Bloomsbury site. I like the middle one best, but the one on the right is kind of strange.

2) Don't Panic (originally subtitled The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Companion) was written by me in 1987, updated by Dave Dickson in 1992, and re-updated and expanded by M.J. Simpson in 2002. (It says so on the title page, but other than that it's fairly hard to see.)